Cool Cucumber Dip

Cool Cucumber Dip

1 C             Cashews, raw

1                Cucumber, large and peeled

1                Lemons freshly squeezed, or 1/3 C lemon juice

1 ½ tsp      Salt

¼ C            Honey

1                Onion, small and peeled, or 1 tsp onion powder

Blend until smooth


Serving Suggestions:

  • This dressing is delightful not only for salads but also as a dressing for raw vegetable plates.
  • Delicious drizzled over shredded, raw savory cabbage.
  • Great drizzled into a falafel stuffed pita pocket for a take-away lunch.
  • Tasty over steamed veggies. 
  • This makes a lovely dip for artichokes too!
  • Makes 2 cups.

From Foods for Thought, p 32

Copyright  Used by permission.