Living Free - Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt PPT Series-ALL NEW!

 Living Free! Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt. The roots of addiction are deep and tangled, and they evolve over time. What does it take to heal a brain ravaged by stress, broken by bad habits and negative thinking, and the assault of spiritual and environmental forces?  Discover powerful tools for renewal, restoration, and recovery in a world full of crises and confusion.

 Living Free! consists of 6 exciting, fully scripted PowerPoints and can also be used as stand-alone presentations in any order. Each presentation has been carefully researched, fully-scripted, and professionally produced in an attractive, graphic-rich PowerPoint format. Ideal for public venues of all types, including church, community, evangelism, health, or home settings.

Seminar Components:
• Six scripted, editable PowerPoints
• Session Guides for summary and discussion
• Handouts for additional study
• Recipes for better living
• Balanced Living Tracts for additional handouts (e-tracts or purchase)
• Suggested readings from the book Living Free: Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt (suggested for purchase for facilitators and participants)

Session Titles:
Session 1: The Addicted and Learning Brain.
Session 2: Freedom Keys.
Session 3: Your External Environment: Lifestyle.
Session 4: Your Internal Environment: Attitude.
Session 5: Connections and Situational Awareness.
Session 6: Habits that Last.

These timely PowePoint presentations are ideal to use with the Living Free book.