Balanced Living PowerPoint - FULL SET - USB Flash Drive (26 PPT Topics)

Balanced Living PowerPoint Series consists of 26 exciting, fully scripted wellness topics in a short (7-10 min) and longer (20-30 min) version. These PowerPoints can be used as stand-alone presentations in any order. Each presentation has been carefully researched, fully-scripted, and professionally produced in an attractive, graphic-rich PowerPoint format. Ideal for public venues of all types, including church, community, evangelism, health, or home settings.


These beautiful PowePoint presentations are designed to use with Balanced Living Tracts. Tracts available in 8.5x 5.5" size. We highly recommend that you purchase the colorful, inexpensive Balanced Living Tracts for your handouts.


BONUS! We have organized selected topics from the series to create three 7-session seminars, complete with a handy Facilitator Guide, Speaker’s Tips, and nightly Session Summaries/Handouts.


SET topics:

Alcohol: Why Not?

Change Your Mindset: Change Your Life

Chronic Pain: Roots and Remedies

Creating Connections: Why Relationships Matter

Depression: Lifestyle Keys for Beating the Blues

Digestion: A Churning Question

           Engineered for Success

           Exercise: It Goes to Your Head

           Finding Peace in Your Crazy-Busy World

Free on the Inside: Changing Bad Habits for Good!

Health in a Hurry

Healthy Weight Helps

Hurried, Worried, and Buried

Immune Health: Your Firm Foundation

Life After Loss: Growth out of Grief

Lifestyle Links Diabetes: Hope for the Diabetic

Lifestyle Links for Healthy Blood Pressure

Mind/Body Health Connections

Quenching the Fires of Heart Disease

Super Foods that Fight Cancer

The Buzz on Beverages

The Entertainment Trap

The Vegetarian Edge

These Doctors Still Make House Calls

Up in Smoke

Who Can I Trust?