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Lifestye Matters has a variety of exciting professionally produced programs for Presenters! 

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  Balanced Living PowerPoints (English & Spanish)

  Living Free Quit Nicotine Program (English & Spanish)

  Revelation's Overcomers PowerPoints (English & Spanish)

  Fit & free! PowerPoints (limited selection available at this time)


Lifestyle Matters Intervention Programs:

Hold your own seminar! It's easy with everything you need in one box.     


              Each Lifestyle Matters Presenter’s Package Contains:

  • Complete printed fully scripted Facilitator’s Guide that includes a notebook; session instructions; handouts; planning guides; advertising materials; and much more.
  • CD with a downloadable version of the Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Program DVD containing special segments for each session.
  • Fully scripted free Power Point presentation included.
  • Handy free Plug-n-play DVD presentations of Power Points and Lifestyle Features.
  • Audio CD version of the participant’s book for easy listening and familiarizing yourself with the material.
  • Fully referenced, 4-color participant’s book - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package
  • A volume of the Guilt-free Gourmet plant-cuisine cookbook - FREE sample when you purchase Presenter's Package.
  • Convenient carrying case.
  • Also available at Michigan Adventist Book Centers

Each Program DVD contains lively interviews with specialists; stories of people who have made lifestyle changes; special information features; and practical cooking and nutrition segments.

The Guilt-free Gourmet cookbook contains delicious, easy plant-based recipes; menu planners and special features; 8 health short health information nuggets; and creative serving suggestions.

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